How to Pick Up and Dust Off Your Broken Dreams

Broken dreams. Broken goals. We all have them. We desperately want to see change in our lives, yet we remain the same year after year. What if I told you there is one contributing factor as to why you haven’t changed? This factor is simple in concept, but difficult in practice. You’ve probably heard it […]


The Biggest Secret to Becoming a Successful Achiever

As a Senior in high school, one of our class assignments was to “shadow” someone at their workplace for a day. I’d always admired my Grandfather’s business so I decided to learn from him for a day. He owned a few small hardware stores in rural parts of Indiana. I still remember that day vividly. He taught […]


The Day They Laughed at Walt Disney for His Dream

Walt Disney had a movie executive laugh out loud at his dream. Early on in his business to bring cartoon animation to the movie theaters, Disney had what felt like an opportunity of a lifetime. Through much hard work, he had negotiated an appointment with one of the largest movie industry executives at the time. Walt’s […]


The Secret to Getting Ahead According to Mark Twain

Are you frustrated by the lack of progress on your goals and projects? Are you the type of person who doesn’t like to set goals because you secretly think you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment? Mark Twain was one of the most successful authors of his day. When asked how he had been able […]


Read. Review. Recall. A Simple Book Review System

Want to become the most resourceful person you know? Create a book review system that allows you to recall information, stories, quotes, and resources at a moment’s notice. If you are tired of reading good books only to forget all of what you read, you can change that. In a previous post, I talked about […]