Read. Review. Recall. A Simple Book Review System

Want to become the most resourceful person you know? Create a book review system that allows you to recall information, stories, quotes, and resources at a moment’s notice. If you are tired of reading good books only to forget all of what you read, you can change that. In a previous post, I talked about […]


The Extravagant Fool (Zondervan, 2014)

The Extravagant Fool is a deep dive into the reality of Kevin Adams. You will follow him as he goes from a successful businessman to the depths of despair during the recession. Yet, through it all he learns an important lesson: sometimes you don’t have all the answers and you need to simply and fully trust God.

The book read much like a journal into the everyday life of Kevin and his journey through challenging times. A few lessons I picked up on while reading this book are:

  1. What we often fear isn’t as bad as we think it is (we just value things that really don’t matter)
  2. You can fully trust God even during the most difficult challenges

While there are more lessons to learn then this, the Extravagant Fool is a bare all story from Kevin’s own journey. Wether you’ve been through similar trials or you just want to learn a better way to face future trials, you’ll find just the encouragement you need in this book.

The MAIN Reason You’ll Fail to Meet Your Goals

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful? Can it be narrowed down to a single reason? If so, what would be that main reason? These are the questions that the National Retail Dry Goods Association wanted to answer with a study of thousands of salesmen. What they discovered was shocking. Almost 50% of salesmen gave […]

The main reason you'll fail to reach your goals

How to Develop Your Very Own Code of Persistence

One of the most beloved Disney classics of all time is the movie Snow White. What you may not know is the amazing story behind the scenes of this classic. Nothing like this had ever been done before. Snow White was the very first full featured animated movie ever. If that isn’t intriguing enough, the […]

developing a code of persistence

What Milton Hershey Taught Me About Strategy

Milton Hershey. You can’t say that name without thinking about the chocolate candy bar. But there is a bigger story. While Milton spent hours upon hours perfecting milk chocolate, Henry Hershey (Milton’s dad) had a much different approach to business. Henry was always on the look out for the next big opportunity. While you certainly […]

what milton hershey taught me about strategy 600 JM